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Areas of Practice Reminder

Reminder to Van Buren County Bar Association members. Please submit your areas of practice to Treasurer Brien Winfield Heckman to be included in our “Attorney Search” pages. The following areas are included: Administrative Law, Appeals, Bankruptcy, Business Law, Civil Suits (Negligence, Personal injury, etc.), Contracts, Criminal Defense, Debt Collection, Employment and Labor Law, Family Law (Divorce, Custody, Support, etc.), General Practice, Immigration Law, Insurance Law, Patent and Copy Right Law, Probate and Estate Planning, Property Law (Landlord-tenant, Real Estate, Foreclosures, etc.), Social Security, and Workers Compensation.
West Michigan Regional Veterans Treatment Court.

Van Buren County Bar Association News

We would like to announce that lexisnexis is now available in the law library located in the basement of the old circuit court building in Paw Paw, Michigan. If you have never used lexisnexis it is a great resource. It allows one to search through cases (opinions) and statutes for key words. If you are having difficulty using lexisnexis and see an attorney in the law library, try asking them for help. Ultimately, the county may be moving away from a paper based law library. The benefit of lexisnexis is that we get many of the same materials but they are searchable. Nonetheless there are still hard copies available.