Members of the Van Buren County Bar Association are dedicated to helping the people of Van Buren County.  Many of the lawyers of the VBCBA take work pro bono or at reduced fees.  Under Michigan Rule of Professional conduct 6.1

A lawyer should render public interest legal service. A lawyer may discharge this responsibility by providing professional services at no fee or a reduced fee to persons of limited means, or to public service or charitable groups or organizations. A lawyer may also discharge this responsibility by service in activities for improving the law, the legal system, or the legal profession, and by financial support for organizations that provide legal services to persons of limited means.

The above rule is not a requirement but an ideal.  In furtherance of that ideal, the VBCBA has debated whether or not to hold a legal aid clinic at the Paw Paw Library.  The majority of bar members appear to feel that a legal aid clinic would be a good idea.  However, as of now, the idea has yet to receive traction.  In the coming months, the idea may take hold.  Look to this website for further details.